Sutra – the best prix fixe plant-based meal you’ll ever have


menuSutra is by far one of the most impressive and interesting dining experiences I have had in my life. It is a “feels like home” restaurant that offers a pre-set 5 course menu and only one seating per night. It is a unique and personalized dinner and event that is well worth the extra planning and cost! My boyfriend and I already have reservations to return and take his Ohio parents. 😉

salad makingNot only is the food entirely vegan, it is also organic, local, seasonal, gluten-free, and soy-free. Their ability to make an entirely plant-based meal so creative and delicious is inspiring. I have posted the entire menu for your enjoyment, and I can honestly say that every single dish was incredible. Highlights: The celery root leek soup with shaved truffle on top was perfectly smooth and wonderful. The saffron cashew cheese paneer was really creative and was an excellent match with the winter roasted vegetables and herbed tomato sauce. Another fun part of each dish was the inventive “sprinkles” such as candied sunflower seeds, fried capers, and parsnip chips. And they completely won me over by ending my night with caramel coconut whipped cream over chocolate! Amazing.

salad soup closeupThe entire five courses costs $50, which may seem like a splurge, but seems completely reasonable when you are there. Not only is there more than enough food to make even a non-vegan quite full, but the quality is outstanding. If you are looking to save a little, you will get a 10% discount if you pay with cash. If you are willing to splurge a bit more, you can get even fancier and get a wine or non-alcoholic beverage pairing with each course.

chefsWhat’s even more impressive about this restaurant is how they do all their magic in one tiny house. The ambience is cozy, intimate, hipster, and maybe even a little divey. There is a strong buddhism influence with the gong ringing at the start of dinner, and next door is a connected Sutra yoga studio. If you get there early, definitely try to sit at counter where you can see everything being made in the open kitchen! It can also be fun to sit at one of the larger tables and mingle with other guests – I’m pretty sure only wonderful people dine here. 🙂

entreeUnsurprisingly, the chefs and wait staff are very hipster, and super friendly and casual. They clearly have some intense preparation for each night’s dinner and take it very seriously but also have a good time. And sitting at the counter allows for conversation not only with the wait staff, but also the chefs and owner!

dessert makingClearly this is a dining experience not to be missed. If you have a special occasion coming up, or just want an amazing meal, I recommend making a reservation now. They have their one seating Wednesday through Saturday at 7pm and Sunday at 6:30pm and max out around 30 people each night. Beyond worth it for the food, the ambience, the people, and the creativity at work!

dessert closeup

3 thoughts on “Sutra – the best prix fixe plant-based meal you’ll ever have

  1. veginist says:

    Where is this? It looks AMAZING. I grew up as a meat eater with foodie parents who surrounded me with multi-course French and Spanish cuisine, and I’m on a constant search for multi-course meals that are just as well presented (and as delish, obvs) as a vegan. Proving hard. Regardless, my stomach is now growling at these pictures 😮

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